Cursed : A Shrine to Darcia
June 18th, 2005: More from Aoshikakashi: more fanart and another wallpaper!

May 2nd, 2005: Aoshikakashi contributes some fanart -- a great pencil sketch.

April 8th, 2005: Another guest wallpaper by Aoshikakashi! I really like this one... ^ ^

January 25th, 2005: The first guest wallpaper by Aoshikakashi!

Welcome to my shrine to Darcia from Wolf's Rain. Wolf's Rain is a thirty-episode anime about wolves, the end of the world, and paradise.

The main focus of this site is obviously Darcia. So go ahead and wander around; just be aware that there are spoilers everywhere. ( Although any material pertaining to Episodes 27-30 is clearly marked so you can avoid those if you want. ^ ^; )

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