Various black-and-white manga images. These have all been scanned in by me from the various Planet Ladder tankoubans, so please don't steal them for your own image galleries, although you can use them for basically anything else. ^ ^;; ( Please use them for layouts and such, that's what they're meant for! ) These are all thumbnails that will display a larger version in a new window when clicked on. Also, you can expect this section to steadily grow as more stuff gets added. And if anyone wants to send in fanart (hint, hint), then I'll post that here as well.

Tankouban 1
Seeu with the Lunar Mercury A closeup of Seeu as he activates the collapser The first shot of Seeu we see He has cool hair A really nifty closeup

Tankouban 2
Upside down Waking up Thinking about Kagami Going a little crazy Being mysterious
Kaguya is confused Staring at the sky Angsting about Kagami This looks suspiciously like it should be in color

Tankouban 3
Seeu as Take first meets him Seeu being cool More Seeu An overview of the palace Seeu talking about dolls
Seeu being a prince Seeu being bewildered Older Seeu with the Lunar Mercury Seeu talking about the Lunar Mercury Seeu going insane

Tankouban 4
Coming soon!

Tankouban 5
Coming soon!

By Vehred:
A wonderfully colored-in picture (very nice!)