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Meshie Laracott
Meshie LaracottThe sage of the taboo comet, this man seems to know just about everything. In some ways, he is Seeu's "keeper;" he seems to keep him out of trouble and watch out for him. On the other hand, because he knows so much, Meshie can come off as arrogant. Seeu seems to resent him just a little; however, they are on the same side and cooperate well.

Emperor Kura
The leader of Geo and Seeu share a somewhat antagonistic relationship. Although they cooperated in the past, at present they seem to be at opposite ends of the conflict. Kura usually refers to Seeu fairly derisively.

Although Idou serves Kura, he appears to have a somewhat respectful attitude towards Seeu. Beyond that, it is impossible to tell.

The deceased holder of the Pyro Gate fought with Seeu in the great war. While not a lot has been revealed yet, the two seemed to get along amiably. (At least as much as anyone can get along "amiably" with Seeu.)

Serenade was the head gardener at Seeu's palace and a very cheerful person. Although Seeu showed no response other than puzzlement to her laughter, she tried her best to keep Seeu's spirits up and keep the garden around the palace beautiful.