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Waseda TakeyoshiWaseda Takeyoshi (Take) was a college student at the Tokyo Imperial University during the World War II era. He fell through a Myst-like dimensional rift and ended up in the Second World. He managed to integrate himself with the culture of that planet and befriended the young Prince Seeu.

Take was one of Seeu's only friends, and is certainly one of the only surviving ones. Take currently exists in the body of a doll shaped like a giant chicken, and is the only person who remembers Seeu's past.

Seeu seemed to take a liking to Take; at least, he talked to Take more than he talked to the other people of his planet. And at the very end, it was Take who cared enough about Seeu to yell at him to keep on living.

Although Seeu is currently aware that Take is alive, he is unwilling to face the memories from his past as they are so painful.