The Second World____________

The Second World, called Asu, was something of a paradise. The people there were friendly and happy; they always loved to laugh. The Second World was once an ally of the Ninth World (Lagunahaan's world).

In the current Planet Ladder timeline, however, Asu has been destroyed completely so that not even the planet's original shape remains. The people of the planet, except for Seeu, fell victim to a wasting disease that weakened the joints. After a time (between ten and twenty years), the entire population passed away.

Some of the people of the Second World believed that the disease had only been a natural occurence, the result of the path of evolution; however, some thought that the bacteria had been engineered by one of their enemies in order to decimate the population and garner the riches of Asu. After all, the bacteria seemed specifically engineered to kill all vertebrates and cause complete extinction within 100 years.

However, the Second Worlders eventually decided that they would make the most of their few remaining years...

And they all passed away, leaving only Seeu. The Lunar Mercury activated and Seeu was eventually able to leave the planet through the collapser.