Why Seeu?

Well, first off - why not? But getting beyond that, why did I make a shrine to a person from one of the more obscure manga out there? And Planet Ladder is obscure; even though it's been licensed by TokyoPop and you can find it in most stores, there aren't very many people who know about it or like it. And that's not surprising; the entire series is so confusing that it's hard to blame anyone for putting it down after the first book. As for me? I read the first three pages and was hooked. I didn't put it down. Kaguya slightly annoyed me, Idou did too; I liked Kagami; and the mad prince guy was damn cool. I always liked Seeu from the beginning, but it was the third book that really made him one of my favorite characters ever; almost the entire book is Seeu's backstory.

The audience gets the point, I'm sure - okay, Planet Ladder is cool; Seeu is cool; but still - why?

It's not so simple, really, but the main reason is that I like Seeu. I like absolutely everything about his character. He's damn cool. And it's not just that he has a tragic backstory - although he does - or that he has a cool outfit or something - it's that his character is so much more complex than most of the other characters out there.

There's something about Seeu that can just strike a chord with many people; he's so very alone. From the glimpses we see of his past, we can tell that he's always been alone. Something like that takes a toll on a person. And the fact that he's not a villain is something that's really very neat as well. The fact that we don't really understand very much about him just adds to his character's appeal.

And since there's only so many different ways I can say "he's cool _XD," why don't you go check out the rest of the site and find out for yourself...?