A person like Zoisite collects many enemies - with his personality, it would be hard not to! But that's why we like him. Most notably among the 'enemies' are Nephrite and Tuxedo Kamen. I despise both of them. So do many other Zoisite fans. I'll try to limit Tuxie- and Nephy-bashing for those of you who do like those characters, but the fact remains that some of it may leak over....bear with me, mmmm'kay?

Nephrite-san is the second most powerful shitennou (Kunzite being the first). Nephrite was assigned the job of collecting energy after Jadeite's demise (the giant ice cube - yeah, you know) and believed in 'using the power of the stars' to determine his next victim. Nephrite would go into his large...uh...planetarium? and request the assistance of the stars to find his next target and when that person would reach their energy peak. Nephrite's philosophy was that each person reached a optimum energy point - he would hasten this process, and harvest the energy of the person when this happened. I liked Jadeite's method better...less effort-intensive. Of course, the target had always just recently became friends with the senshi, and the plot would fail. So Nephrite wandered around for a while before he hit on the idea of stealing Zoisite's job - finding the ginzuishou. Zoi-kun had recently fallen out of Queen Beryl-sama's favor, and Nephrite's intrusion into Zoisite's assignment was just enough to send the little sakura over the edge. So Zoisite began, well, hunting Neph. Nephrite realized that this was not good, but he still kept looking for the ginzuishou. Nephrite was extremely rude to Queen Beryl, but she tolerated it up to a point. When Nephrite not only failed to bring in energy, but also failed to find the ginzuishou, Beryl-sama began to loose patience with him. She gave - well, to Zoisite's point of view anyway - tacit permission to get rid of Nephrite. Meanwhile, Nephrite had somehow fallen in love with Naru-chan and saved her from Zoisite's youma. Everything caught up to him, however, when he was killed by those same youma in an effort to save Naru's life. He managed to choke out a few parting words in what I will admit was a pretty sad death scene, then dissapated into many sparkles. And floated up into the sky. That was the end of Neph.

Well, it's pretty obvious why Nephy and Zoi were enemies. Nephrite edged in on Zoisite's territory, something that they both knew would get Zoisite killed if Neph found the ginzuishou first. It appeared that the two of them had some rivalry before that, though what exactly happened was never really revealed. It's possible that Nephrite was worried that his position as second General was being threatened by Zoisite, who had friends in high places. XD! Personally, I think Nephrite was being an idiot, insulting not only Zoisite but also Queen Beryl. Insulting Queen Beryl is enough to get you exterminated, and insulting Zoisite is practically signing your death certificate.

Tuxedo Kamen:
Well...most of us know who Tuxie is. If you don't, I'd begin to have serious doubts over whether you've even seen Sailormoon. Well...he's the only male lead character, he's in love with Usagi, though we have several uncertanties because he keeps getting brainwashed, in his past live he was the Prince of Earth, and....well....HE JUST WON'T DIE!!!!! *sorry...* Anyway. Mostly in the first season, at least where Zoi's concerned, he tries to take all of Zoisite's hard-earned nijizuishou (rainbow crystals, for those unfamiliar with the Japanese version). He succeeds occasionally, but doesn't more often, and Zoisite escapes with the crystal. This goes on for several filler episodes, until all of the seven nijizuishou are either in the hands of the Dark Kingdom, baka Tukedo Kamen, or the senshi. Yeah, the senshi are enemies as well. Zoisite brilliantly tricks Sailormoon into giving up her crystal. { Am I biased or what? } So that leaves Mamoru. Zoisite discovers Tuxie's earth identity and challenges him to a duel - the winner gets all of the nijizuishou. Tuxie agrees and meets Zoi in the Tokyo Tower. Unfortunately, Usagi gets dragged along... Zoisite gets all of the nijizuishou and hands them over to Kunzite. Kunzite sort of stays in the background while Zoi traps Mamoru and Usagi in an elevator and almost fries them with that awesome fireball. Of course, they are still alive because they are the main characters. *sigh* Well....Tuxie faces off against Zoi to protect Sailormoon, and Zoi gets him from behind with a well-placed ice shard. Et cetera, et cetera. We find out Sailormoon is the Princess, she blasts Zoi into a wall... In the end, it's all Tuxie's fault that Zoisite died. I mean...Tuxie's so profoundly stupid that Zoisite was trying to do the world a favor by killing him off before he could poison the genetic pool with offspring! Proof: look at Chibi-Usa!

It's all Tuxie's fault. If he had left Zoi alone, and allowed him to take the nijizuishou, everything would have been perfectly fine. But NO, he had to interfere. And THEN Tuxie has the nerve to get himself brainwashed and work for Beryl! And he just rips poor Kunzite apart. WON'T YOU JUST DIE?! Eh heh heh... "Evil Prince Endymion" indeed...he just SAVES Sailormoon every time Kunzaito-sama's about to move in for the kill...! I'll stop now before this degenerates into a massive rant about HOW STUPID MAMORU IS -

Oh, sorry, it happened again. Oops.

Queen Beryl:
Oooh, yes, I'd definately say that Zoisite and Beryl were enemies. While Zoisite may have had some respect for Beryl, it was for her power only; it had nothing to do with her personality. And on Beryl's side: I think that she feared Zoisite. Not because Zoisite could ever possibly best her in a battle, but that she couldn't control him. And Zoisite and Kunzite together is a combination that could probably have defeated Beryl, given enough time. Well, needless to say, Beryl killed Zoisite. Don't get me started on that one. And why did she kill Zoi-kun? Because Zoi had stepped over her authority and she couldn't control him anymore. Not to mention Beryl was in love with Endymion, who Zoi had almost killed.

What about Jadeite? ...Yeah, what ABOUT Jadeite?

Well, most likely Zoisite and Jadeite would have been enemies, if only in the most formal sense. Zoisite was probably vying for the position as Third General, so it might be assumed that they were in compatition....but, nah. I think Jadeite kept to himself, yaoi DK fanworks nonwithstanding, and didn't really bother with the other Shitennou.

In other words, Jadeite didn't care about anybody and nobody cared about him.