Kunzite & Zoisite:
Zoisite and Kunzite's relationship stands out sharply amongst the shallow characterization and poor development of the other first-season characters. They are something a little different from the sappy romances that are the norm of Sailormoon; Zoisite absolutely adores Kunzite, yet Kunzite remains aloof most of the time. They act differently than one would expect lovers to; slightly more apart, yet at the same time able to form a competent and capable team. Different from the traditional Endymion and Serenity; even more so than the star-crossed Nephrite and Naru. Their bond is darker, less blatant; something a little more Dark Kingdom.

Zoisite is the student; Kunzite, the teacher. Or at least that is what they want everyone to believe. But there is no doubt whatsoever that they are a couple. From the rose scene (kawaii!) to Zoisite’s death, they interact with a closeness that is not associated with a platonic relationship.

Zoisite is quite obviously very enamored of Kunzite; from the sidelong glances and spurts of jealousy, the little sakura makes it very clear that Kunzite is his. Zoisite is a firecracker, his temper ready to explode at any minute. On the other hand, Kunzite is the very opposite; he always thinks things through and never acts on impulse. Very logical, is Kunzite. His attraction to Zoisite is just that: he loves beautiful things. And is always ready to offer a pink rose in apology when he says anything other than Zoisite is beautiful. ^ ^

However, Zoisite’s feelings went past mere attraction; in fact, his last words were a very polite and proper way of saying “I love you.” Kunzite never got a chance to respond; in is doubtful that he would have even if Zoisite had lived long enough to hear the response. No, Kunzite is above such displays of affection. But did he feel for Zoisite? Undoubtedly. Remember watching the Kunzite / Evil Prince Endymion arc of Sailormoon, and thinking how incredibly stupid the plans to capture the ginzuishou were? Now, even if good ol’ Endy kept showing up to wreck Kunzite’s plans, shouldn’t they have been … smarter? This guy is supposed to be the top general. The best of the best. And all he comes up with are Frisbee throwing competitions and skiing?! Whoa.

But wait a minute. Let us think back to the episode where Venus arrived. Remember that plan, where Kunzite and Zoisite worked together for the first (and only) time? Now, unless Zoi-chan thought the whole thing up without any help, which doesn’t make that much sense, Kunzite must have had a large presence in the preparations. And that particular plan was brilliant and would have worked if another senshi hadn’t shown up in the nick of time. Damn deus ex machina. Always works for the heroes, but no-o, we can’t have the villains win! *gasp* ¬ ¬;; But Zoi and Kunzite would probably still have won if Beryl-SAMA hadn’t ordered them to come back…! Talk about bad planning. So, anyway, Kunzite was pretty out of it after Zoisite’s death. He just crumbled away from the inside.

What’s more, Kunzite went to look at the picture of the two of them. He seemed rather upset. ;_; And when Kunzite died (committed suicide), he shouted out Zoisite’s name. Talk about sad… ;_;

From the beginning, when we saw Zoisite crying on Kunzite’s lap, to the end, it’s very obvious that the two of them were the closest shitennou in the entire cold and empty Dark Kingdom. They were special; the flash of light in the darkness. The strongest general and the most devious. They were perfect for one another.

Besides, they’re just too damn cute.