Name: Zoisite, Zoisaito

Age: Looks somewhere between 20 and 30 (?). Actually, over 1000.

Birthday: October 30 (this is debatable)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Copperish. If that's a color. But - yeah. Copperish.

Powers: Well, um, we’ve got ice shards, fireballs, energy blasts, and sakura. In other words, anything and everything. But Zoisite seems to especially favor the ‘Zoi!’ and for good reason. It works.

Episodes: 14, 19, 21, 24 - 35.

Personality: Hmmm. Zoisite has a very interesting personality. He's extremely hot-tempered, and will go off at the smallest thing. He hates Tuxedo Kamen with a vengence, which shows how well Zoi can hold a grudge. Zoisite also flouts authority, but in a smart way; he's not stupid. *coughNephritecough* Zoisite is also extremely jealous of Kunzite. ^.^ This leads to the extremely cute rose scene. XD

Mission: First, to find the ginzuishou; then, after Beryl discovered that the ginzuishou had fragmented, the nijizuishou. He succeeded pretty well, too. Go Zoi!

Or, Why I Like Zoisite Even Though He's Vindictive, Vain, and Overall Not a Nice Person

The title basically says it all. Zoisite just has got the good fortune to be one of the coolest Not Nice person that exists out there in the anime world. Why do I think he's cool? First, he's vain. While some of you might not think that vanity is a plus, Zoisite has the right combination of looks, personality, and just plain coolness to pull it off.

Second, his hair. Zoisite's hair is very cool, and so are his eyes - that perfect shade of poisonous green.

Third, his personality. He's very vindictive, but at times can be extremely vulnerable. His personality is so complex and so many sides of it are shown, enough so to make him seem like one of the main characters! (Let's face it, poor Jadeite got the short end of the metaphorical personality creation).

Fourth, he loves cherry blossoms (sakura). Any guy that likes cherry blossoms has got to be cool. Not only that, but he yells his name when he attacks! Come've got to admit that Zoi! has an appeal of it's own...

Fifth, Zoisite can be just plain cute. I mean, that whole thing with the rats in the sewers - that was great. Plus, the expression on his face when he stepped into that sewege (priceless!). Also, that whole pink rose deal. The expression on his face was just the cutest thing.

Sixth, how cool he acts around Kunzite. Remember the episode where Venus came in? The senshi were facing off him and Kunzite, and Zoisite goes right up there and puts himself between the senshi and Kunzite. Zoisite. The five-foot-six, one hundred pound Zoisite puts himself between the senshi and Kunzite. Neat.

Seventh, there's his feud with Nephrite. Nephrite has so much more magical power than Zoisite, it's like comparing Sailor Saturn with Mercury! And Zoisite gets right up in Nephrite's face, yells at him, and then plots with Kunzite to kill him. Very cool. Not to mention, Zoisite killed Nephrite. You really can't overlook that little fact...

Eigth, the whole thing with Tuxedo Kamen. I cheered when Zoisite got him with that ice shard...not to mention the sakura blossoms...and the fireball...*that was cool: no denying it*.

Ninth, his voice. If you have only seen the dub - well, Zoisite's voice actor, Nanba Keiichi, is one of the most talented seiyuus... Very, very, very cool voice.

Tenth...his death. Zoisite's death scene is one of the saddest on Sailormoon, and indeed anywhere... Just something in the way he asks Kunzite to die in beauty...and the way he said, "I grew to be attached to you..." then died.... ;_;