THE KAMUI PROTECTION AGENCY_________________________________
Welcome to the Kamui Protection Agency! This is an open clique for those of you who like Shirou Kamui from CLAMP's manga X and believe that he has been abused. ^ ^;; In other words, if you like Kamui and feel even the slightest bit sorry for him, go ahead and join! This clique is completely non-elite; there's not even a members list! If you like what you see here, just pick up the code from further down the page and add it to your website. Easy, ne?

Come on. Ever actually read/seen X? Kamui has had a lot of Not-Good stuff happen to him; his best friend turning evil and killing his other best friend, and all that. Not to mention the fact that he gets tortured all the time. I made this clique so people who think Kamui is abused can sort of join together. Display the code on their webpage, and stuff. So...if you think this sort of clique is your thing, than you can scroll down and pick up the code. ^ ^ If not...well...sorry?

This being a non-elite clique, there are very few rules. I have no basis of enforcing the rules, either, because you just take the code and put it on your page. However, I do ask one thing of the members: please provide a link back to this site in your code! You want other people to be able to join, right? ^ ^; Also, while I would like you to use one of the codes provided, I also realize that a lot of people like to do their own thing. So you can make up your own code. back. In your code, and not elsewhere on your site.

JOIN THE CAUSE_________________________________________________
Here's the fun part. Pick out whichever code appeals to you the most and copy it to your page. Remember, there's no join form to fill out, so just take the codes already. ^ ^


<p><center> <a href="" target="_BLANK">kpa</a> </p>

kamui protection agency

<p><center> <a href="" target="_BLANK">kamui protection agency</a> </p>

stop the abuse

<p><center> <a href="" target="_BLANK">stop the abuse</a> </p>


<p><center> <a href="" target="_BLANK">kAMUI pROTECTION aGENCY</a> </p>

i protect kamui

<p><center> <a href="" target="_BLANK">i protect kamui</a> </p>

ABOUT THE SITE________________________________________________
The Kamui Protection Agency was established on May 29, 2001. It's bounced around on freeservers for three versions, before coming here. The KPA has been downsized a bit for version four. This is because v.4 will most likely be the last version. ^ ^;; This site was mostly meant to be static anyway, so there's not much of a point in re-designing it often. Anyway, this version features a picture of Kamui from the gods only know where - sorry, but it's been sitting on my hard drive for about two years, and my memory's not that good. ^ ^; The text reads "can't you hear the voices of the angels? they say we'll soon be dead" and "one more final performance on the last stage you'll ever see...." The fonts are from

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X, Kamui, Fuuma, and all related characters belong to CLAMP. I am not in any way using them for profit. The KPA is my idea though. Property of Azure Hasturien. Please don't steal anything off of this page. ^ ^ If you do want to use something, ask for permission by emailing me at

This site is link free. Direct your links to

Thank you to Kuraino-chan for creating the Subaru Protection Agency, on which the KPA is based; and thanks to all the original members for helping keep this site alive. ^ ^

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