The Planet Ladder Universe____

The basis of the Planet Ladder universe is fairly complex. In essence, there is a multidimensional omniverse that contains within it nine separate worlds. Travel between these worlds is possible by using a collapser, a device which creates a temporary rift in space-time and allows people to journey through.

There is a legend associated with the nine worlds; that the axis holding the worlds up is unstable, and eventually the worlds will collide. The Princess of Ananai, apparently Kaguya, has the power pick which world will survive.

First World: Ancient
This world is long dead. As its name implies, it is the oldest of the nine worlds; it also introduced the "savior" myth to the universe. Next to nothing is known about it besides this.

Second World: Asu
Seeu's world; now dead. It has almost completely disintigrated and the original shape of the planet has nearly disappeared. It was once an ally of the Ninth World. [see also Second World]

Third World: Eden
The earth as we know it. Despite its name, this is an abandoned and isolated world used as a penal colony for the other Worlds. It is believed to be basic and ugly.

Fourth World: Telene
This world was once a great power on par with Geo; now, however, it is one of Geo's client states and bows to Emperor Kura. It was an ally of the Ninth World, and is an enemy of Geo and Asuraitsu.

Fifth World: ?
The Fifth World is the only neutral world and is composed of many separate territories. The sages Meshie Laracott and Gaviela reside here.

Sixth World: Geus
Little is known about this world, except that it used to be quiet and peaceful until Geo conquered it.

Seventh World: Geo
Geo won the great war of 300 years ago, and its current Emperor is Kura, the holder of the Nox Light. It is technologically advanced and the most powerful world. It destroyed the Ninth World and controls the Sixth World.

Eighth World: Asuraitsu
Asuraitsu is highly religious and is one of the few powers that could potentially rival Geo. It is Idou's birthplace and has enemies in Telene and Geo.

Ninth World: ?
This was Ragunahaan's birthplace; however, it was destroyed in the great war. It was an ally of Telene and an enemy of Geo; Geo eventually conquered it.

The entire basis of Planet Ladder appears to be based on halting the eventual destruction of the universe.