November 3rd, 2003 +/ Isolation is now affiliated with Crimson, a wonderfully comprehensive Planet Ladder fansite. ^ ^

September 29, 2003 +/ Isolation is now affiliated with The Mad Prince. Yay!

September 23, 2003 +/ Eep, it's been a long time since the last update. Erk. Well, anyway, the Links page has been updated. Thanks to everyone out there who's linked me! ^ ^

June 13, 2003 +/ Wow, that Gallery gets even more updates. The scans from Tankouban 2 have been uploaded. Enjoy. ^ ^

June 05, 2003 +/ The Gallery has been updated with some fanart! Kudos to Vehred for being our first contributor.

April 12, 2003 +/ The Gallery has been majorly updated; scans from volumes 1 and 3 are completed. There are also some pictures up in the Others section. ^ ^?

April 11, 2003 +/ Woo! Site is up and running! All sections work and are semi-filled with content. The Gallery is extremely crappy right now, but that's because my scanner isn't cooperating. I'm going to try to finish the first tankouban's gallery soon. ^ ^;; Keep coming back for more updates!

November 30, 2002 +/ *exhausted* - -; Created the main site, and extra section. I am now embarking on the rest of the site...wish me luck. XP